Jerry Heater believes that we should "be all things to all men that we might win some." Whatever it takes to do the Great Commission for the Harvest of our Lord.
    As both a Conference Speaker and Conference Facilitator he is busy most of the time doing Prophetic and Teaching Seminars, Worship Conferences, Retreats and Ministry Dates.
    He is a
Leader of Worship and moves in the Prophetic and Apostolic. He is a Teacher of the word as well as a Singer, Songwriter and Author.
    Jerry is a Pioneer of Revolutionary Worship and when he leads, the meetings take on a completely different Atmosphere from that of the traditional worship times.
Prophetic Song of the Lord comes forth on a regular basis and is used by the Lord in many ways, such as the Warring Song, the Dance of Joy, Supplication and Adoration or a Time of Hearing.
    God uses Jerry in the
Prophetic to speak Deeply into the lives of Individuals as well as the Corporate Body of Christ.
    As an
Apostolic Leader he is a Fathering Teacher and Mentor that Establishes Ministries in the Hearts of People as well as starting the Four Walled Churches.
    He is 
Administrator of the Ministry at The Ranch, the Founder of Town Team USA , and Chairman of the "Tongues Of Fire Worship Channel"
    To contact Jerry for Ministry Dates in your Area email: